Price: *** SOLD ***  USD (With Conveyances)    Location: Galesville, Maryland USA
Adagio in the Sir Francis Drake Channel-2016
After over six years, having sailed more than 25,000nm and explored 13 Countries,we are offering s/v Adagio for sale.

She is offered for sale in the United States at this time. We are still cruising so her exact location will vary. 

Adagio has traveled a good portion of the globe.  Of course, that was what she was designed to do and it is without reservation that we can attest to her capabilities as a blue water long range passagemaker.
  Since we first met her in Newport, Rhode Island in the middle of a blustery winter day, Adagio has proven over and over again to be capable of more than you might ask. 
I'll share the brutal details of what has made Adagio an amazing platform upon which to sail the oceans shortly.  
It has been my challenge and pleasure to tackle projects, perform routine maintenance and dig in deep to some of her mysterious ways when she chooses to be "evocative".  
Adagio is loaded with conveniences and safety systems ... there's a lot to learn; be prepared!
About Us
Simply stated, we have loved being sailors.  We are a fun-loving and adventurous couple who  got "the dream" in April 2005 and for nearly nine years pursued making it a reality.  
Finally, in February 2014, we sailed away from Rhode Island and haven't looked back. We've both appreciated the safety and conveniences that this fine vessel has afforded us.