Price: *** SOLD ***  USD (With Conveyances)    Location: Galesville, Maryland USA
Actively Updating this list: 07/24/2020

Spares and Stuff

Adagio will come with some standard spares such as:
  • Extra halyards, dock lines, shackles and blocks.
  • Extra hoses and plumbing fittings. 
  • Extra Shore Power connectors/adapters. 
  • Second Propane bottle.
  • Several Instrument heads (Windspeed, etc.)

General Spares:

  1. Whale foot operated water pump.  
       This is the "in case all else fails" pump and will be placed in-line at the galley
       sink to pump fresh water from the tank. 
  2. Bilge Pump: Whale Gulper 24VDC .. New
  3. Water Pump: Par Max 4 24VDC 25PSI Fresh Water pump .. New
  4. Water Pump: Flo-Jet 35psi Fresh Water .. used
  5. Water Pump (Salt Water): March LC-2 220v. If the LC-5 air con. pump fails.
  6. Rebuild kit and spare parts for Jabsco 24V water pumps.
  7. Starter Motor, Main Engine: Volvo, rebuilt 2019
  8. Starter Motor, Kubota.  Untested
  9. Generator Control Head .. New
  10. 12v 40A Engine driven Alternator (untested).
  11. 24v 1200W Electric drive motor for Windlass (untested).
  12. Set of 3 DC Relays. For Windlass or Bow Thruster.

This space intentionally left blank ...  only it isn't because it has text in it telling you it's blank/// so in a bit it'll have other text and still not be blank ... 
Little Stuff
Oil and Filters
Impellers and tool
Hose & pipes
Fittings and adapters.
Jokers and service kits

Light Bulbs galore
Flashlights and Batteries
Soldering kit
Lots of wiring connectors
Wire Strippers
Crimping Tool
Hot Knife/line cutter