Price: *** SOLD ***  USD (With Conveyances)    Location: Galesville, Maryland USA

Equipment Inventory

The Fun-damentals:
Adagio is fully equipped for long passage making.  Here is the "List":

The Boat:  Adagio is a 53' (well, technically 16 meters) long, 15.5' wide and 6.6' deep ketch rigged sailing vessel.  She was finished up and sold for the first time in 1998 and then sold again in 2008.  We are the third owners since early 2014.

Sails:  Adagio comes with a full complement of sails (7 total) consisting of the basic three (Main, Mizzen and Genoa (145%) which are new in Sept, 2019.
Additionally there is a heavy weight jib (Caribbean "Blaster" and three light air sails: a traditional "Gennaker", and Amel specific Mizzen Staysail and an Amel Specific downwind "Ballooner".  All the older sails are serviceable and free from damage .. save some color bleeding, but you know how that is...  Sail bags, sheets and attaching/operating hardware are all good.  There are lots of options for handling almost any kind of wind you'll find along the way.

Photo below: Adagio exiting the Chesapeake Bay under Gennaker, Maim & Mizzen.
"Ground Tackle"
Otherwise know as anchors. There are four anchors aboard.  You may someday find use for the older ones, but for the past 6+ years the main anchor has performed basically perfectly. 
Main Anchor: Rocna 44Kg (88Lb) Spade 
Alternate: 60# Delta
Spare/Kedge" 40# Danforth
Stern/Kedge: 22#Danforth

The main anchor is set on 100 meters of 10mm (roughly 3/8") galvanized chain.  The galvanizing was renewed in 2018.  

The Engine Room
Yes, Adagio has a motor to push her around when the wind doesn't want to cooperate.  It's been well maintained and is a solid performer.  Volvo, TMD-22B with 6,600 hours on it.  Regular (and I mean religious) oil and filter changes at 100 hour intervals and renewed/replaced parts whenever necessary.  

The fuel is cleaned via a two element Racor filter system prior to entering the engine mounted filter.

There is generator: A BetaMarine 6,500w 220v 50Hz powered by a Kubota D-1105 motor.  The generator has 2550 hrs on it. 

>There is a water maker that makes good, clean water out of the ocean. It will produce about 60 liters per hour.   
>There is an 80 Amp Dolphin 4 stage battery charger.  
>There are five water pumps:  One Jabsco ParMax 4 to provide fresh water, one Jabsco Gulper diaphragm electric bilge pump, One Jabsco "Pup" providing low pressure to the water maker, One ParMax 3.5 deliviering water to the anchor wash down and one March LC-5 saltwater circulating pump that is for the air conditioning. 
>There is a 40L (about 10 Gallon) Quick Water Heater. 

The engine room is actually .. a room.  I have truly appreciated my man-cave aspect of being able to work on things without being turned into a bruised pretzel.  
Electricity Aboard
Adagio was built in France.  She was therefore originally set up for the world of 220v appliances and systems.   
 Fast forward through the years and you will see that Adagio is set up with systems to operate pretty much anywhere and still provide good service and convenience.

Here are the "shocking" details:
220VAC 50Hz: Note: Washing machine and microwave .. These are the only two things particularly sensitive to 50Hz/60Hz differences. We have an inverter to work around for the washing machine, but the microwave is not used in North America. 
  • The battery charger(s), heaters and air conditioners*, hot water heater and most of the small appliances don't much care about the 50Hz/60Hz difference.
  • The generator provides this voltage/Hz.
  • There are 8 220v Euro style (2-pin) switched outlets throughout Adagio (plus five more dedicated to the heaters, washing machine & microwave).
  • An integrated AC Volt/Ammmeter in installed to keep track of loads.
*The air conditioners are not rated for 60Hz, but work fine .. I believe the run capacitors will suffer, but have only replaced a couple so far.

110VAC 60Hz is provided by "The Yellow Box", a Xantrex 1800w Pure Sine Inverter.  The inverter supplies power to 5 outlets (3 are GCFI) throughout the boat and allow us to use U.S. purchased small appliances.

24VDC is the main voltage for lighting (interior, Navigation, etc.), refrigeration, water pumping, winches and sail furlers.  There are 2 24VDC 3-pin Euro style outlets aboard. One at the NavStation and one at the 24VDC breaker panel.  
The Main batteries (8 DuraLast 29DP-DL 105Ah) are coupled together in a parallel/series arrangement to yield 24V at 420 Amp Hours. The batteries are secured in a lockable compartment beneath the 'hot bunk".  A Balmar Smart Gauge compliments the original DCC-4000 Battery Monitor and both 12v and 24v systems are alarmed for under-voltage/overvoltage conditions. .

12VDC is provided by 4 separate 24V-to-12V converters.  This system allows you to run 12v gear, such as radios and navigation instruments at a stabilized voltage without tying them to a separate battery.  One converter is 30Amps and dedicated to the iCom SSB. The other 3 are much smaller and routed to the various instrumentation ..  and the stereo.

A separate 12v battery also shares the battery compartment but is used only for the engine and generator starter motors. 

5VDC is available in the forward and aft cabins and at 2 places in the cockpit. These are USB charging ports.

Charging all this up:  The Dolphin Charger is the main source of charging when the engine is not running.  Whether on shore power or with the generator running, the Dolphin will charge the main house batteries.
When things are "nice" .. meaning sunny and windy, charging can happen via the 2 175w SunPower solar panels and/or the Rutland 1200 Wind powered Generator mounted on the mizzen mast.  

OK, as you can surmise it will take some learning to master the electricity aboard, but it all works and it makes life quite nice.
Dinghy and Motors:
Adagio's dinghy is a Zodiac "Wave" 3.1 Meter RIB.
>Included with the dink are two outboard engines: a 9.9Hp Mercury 4 stroke with perhaps 15 hours on it and a (new in 2019) Torqueedo 1003CS Traveler. We seldom use the 9.9 unless making a long run because the Torqueedo is so easy to handle and store that it is our go-to propulsion.  The reason this motor is new is because it's our second one .. we basically ran the other one into the ground after six years of dinghy driving :)
>Also included are new oars, dinghy anchor and rode, a boarding ladder, NaviSafe running lights, cable lock, a pump, repair kit and a full storage cover.  
Boaty Things:
Adagio's Equipped with several options to make life a bit easier aboard:
The bimini cover has zippered drop-downs making the cockpit fully enclosed (dry) and an extension to add more shade and protection.
Full set of cockpit cushions.
For those brutally hot, sultry days there is a full-length canvas boat cover.
Sound system with new player head.  AM/FM/Single CD/USB/Aux/Bluetooth inputs. Bose Acoustimass below and Fusion 5 1/4" speakers in the cockpit.

Liferaft: Currently Serviced Winslow Ultralight Offfshore 6
LifeSling Recovery System
MOB Rescue Pole, Horseshoe, Strobe
Flares: Current SOLAS A kit
EPIRB: New 2020
PLB: ResceMe PLB1
Personal AIS: ACR
Handheld VHF: iCom
10 Adult PFDs (6 Autoinflate with integral harness + 4 Permanent Bouyancy.
Jack Lines and Tethers
Fire Extinguishers (lots) and Fire Blanket
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors (2)
Emergency Tiller system.
Adventure 1000 First Aid Kit
Ditch Bag
Rig Removal tools

Jordan Series Drogue
Satellite Phone: Iridium Extreme 9575
SPOT Trace anti-theft tracker
Hand-Held depth finder