Price: *** SOLD ***  USD (With Conveyances)    Location: Galesville, Maryland USA

A look at the Basics

Amel Super Maramu
Here is a yacht designed from the ground up with the adventurous sailing couple in mind.  If you are looking at Adagio as a future 'home' then you have probably already done a fair bit of research on the brand and the model here.  

I wish to share with you that it took us nearly 8 years to finally decide on the yacht that we thought would be the "right one" for us.  We looked and looked, researched, read articles and blogs, went to boat shows and watch endless videos.  

When it finally came down to finding ~the~ boat, it was  a matter of recognizing what we had been looking at, and then beginning to compare others, against Amel.  

Our Search
We started looking seriously after completing our advanced level ASA training in Florida. The first boat we studied was at the boat show in Miami and we even toured the factory to get a better picture of how things are made.  Then we traveled to Texas, Washington State and California in order to try out different brands and different models. All of this led us in, and then out, and then back in .. and then out again of deciding "oh, this is the best one for us."  We are glad we waited.
As it happened, we saw an advertisement for an Amel for sale in southern Virginia.  I made the nearly 4 hour drive to go check it out and the broker, who was quite patient with me, explained some of the differences between the Amel brand and the the "normal" boats.  I was intrigued, and after that visit began to study more on the Amel history and their boat-crafting philsophies.  
I made the drive again with my wife and we both looked it over in great detail.  Yes.. this one is kind of special, we decided. But .. we weren't quite ready to commit.

I made one more drive with a friend of mine, and he took a lot of pictures and climbed around looking this French boat over in detail.  Later I learned he titled the photo album "Gary's new boat" .. even though we hadn't yet decided as such.

Finally, the day came when we were going to put the offer in so I called the broker to let him know.  

"I'm sorry", he said, "but the boat has sold."

When I ended the call and told my wife, we both realized we were heartbroken that "our" boat had been sold before we could get it.  I think that moment cemented us on the Amel brand.  Now the quest was on to find the best Amel option we could find.

Here is what we know:
No other boat we looked at came with the water-tight compartments, stainless steel wrap-around lifeline railing, center-cockpit, hard dodger helm arrangement and keel/rudder/drive train assembly as the Amel.   The electric remote furlers and windlass controls meant pretty much full operation of the boat's systems without ever having to leave the cockpit and the enclosure itself meant far less exposure to the elements tan many of the other boats we'd viewed.  
Additional features such as redundant autopilots, extra strong rig and even the monocoque construction of the hull itself meant that this boat is quite capable of handling some some serious passage making.  
Below decks we have found plenty of room, plenty of storage, plenty of amenities and plenty of comfortable places to hang out.  The boat is well designed, smartly laid out when you are walking through, reaching for things and doing normal activities while underway.

The galley is well laid out with ample counter space and a nice double sink.  A four burner propane/butane stove and combination microwave/regular oven is above.  There is a nice, albeit small, washing machine installed.

Cabin lighting is warm white LED throughout, cabin fans in each room as well as three air conditioning units. 

I'll save a lot more details for the "description" part of the website.